Theta Healing

"What makes the desert beautiful -said the little prince – is that somewhere it hides a well…."


Did you ever have the feeling that there is a water source hidden within you? Your own treasure box תטא הילינגthat till today you could not open?

And even if you do not have a way to reach this hidden "treasure" that hides within you, you have a clear knowledge that a "Happy End" is not reserved only for fairy tales and that we can create it in our own lives, if only .. we'll choose the right path…

Those who choose the Theta Healing way know that a private "happy end" is just around the corner. It starts with a course of Theta Healing, or personal meetings and it has far reaching effects: it will take you to miraculous places of renewed acquaintance with yourself, help you to make life-changing decisions and will enhance your health and your inner strength in ways which will surprise you. In the Theta Healing process, all this can really happen in a blink of an eye.

: Is that too good to be true? My answer is
yes and also… no

As a therapist with 20 years of experience and being one of the veteran teachers of the Theta Healing method in the country, I have one piece of advice that I would like to share with you: not less important than the journey, is who walks with you along it….

The Theta healing method is just one part of the equation. To make life changes, you need a teacher that will be there completely just for you all the way,and bring you all the experience that was accumulated over the years, and at the same time do with you a complete new journey; look deep you in your eyes and see your whole – the past, the 'here and now', and your possible future and go with you all the way there.

With all humility, I can testify that this is the experience that patients and students have with me each day. Together we discover the source of water in their life and together we are excited about the new journey.

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